About Us

MAG Services was established in the year 2013. It was founded by three Friends.
In the beginning, MAG Services was introduced as a leading website and writing Solution services Company. The MAG Services team has experts of various fields. MAG Services is the commitment based company and it has a long list of satisfied clients.


We respect the norms, terms and policies of each field and serve each customer personally. Each project has to pass thru three checking stages and then we deliver it to the client so that client could get satisfactory work.

MAG Services works for both, small and large project. No matter what the project size or type is, MAG Services maintains and re-check the quality of the work before delivering it to the customer. MAG Services is 100% business friendly company which will provide you all possible care and help and best service. With internationally extended circle of satisfied clients, MAG Services gives you surety of quick responding and clear conversations.


With each project we undertake, we ensure the best quality maintenance and accuracy of every work. MAG Services has introduced Website Development, Website Designing, Website Hosting, Web Domain Registration, Search engine optimization and Content solution services. More services would be introduced in future with the reliable work and suitable time periods. 



Website Development

Website Designing

Domain Registration

Search Engine Optimization



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Why Choose Us

There are so many things you can do here and so many services for you to avail!

We have countless opportunities for you and you will get best for your business!


Get started and create a website that will locate your business.

There is nothing worsts than incomplete business so complete you business today and Stand ahead.


Avail search engine optimization service and let the internet user know who you are.

This is best service for business websites.


Register your internet identity and get your perfect domain.

Build your website and buy right place to host it!


Do more with content writing service.

Get your broachers, invitations or other company letters written easily in bunch.

This service is for website holder and non website holder.

There are no boundaries in content writing service.


Translation service allows our clients to get their text translated.

Get your service broachers or other documents translated with translation service. This will help you to interact with international users worldwide

There are many more opportunities that are specially modified for you! There are still more that you can avail.

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