Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Am I tied into MAG Services for any site maintenance or updates I wish to do once my website is designed?
Ans. Web site maintenance service is a flexible service. It is for one time and life time clients. It is upon your requirements.


Q. Are 3rd level domains available (
Ans. 3rd level domains or sub domains are available but there are kinds of hosting. It depends on the plan you have chosen because there could be some limits in some plans and some could allow you to make 3rd level domains or sub domains.


Q. Can I customize the look and feel of my site myself?
Ans. Yes. If you have a knowledge of it. Otherwise, you will need a help of developer for it. You can take website modification service for it.


Q. Can I suggest new features?
Ans. Yes. You have freedom to suggest new features but the cost and time might be increased due to some changes.

Q. Can your service be integrated with my current site?
Ans. Yes. We have flexible and total compatible services so there is no need to change anything but if required than we will suggest you the best.


Q. Can I get e-mail with my website? Or Can I have a professional email address?
Ans. Yes. You will need to buy email hosting plan for it.

Q. Can I have an e-commerce system for my website?
Ans. There is a plan available for it. You can choose your desired plan.

Q. Can I monitor my disk space and bandwidth usage?
Ans. Yes. Once your payments are finalized and paid. You will get control panel which allows you to see full details of your website disk space and bandwidth usage.

Q. Can I pay in advance?
Ans. Surely you have full freedom to choose when to pay. Paying advance will save your time. Advance payments will be made by bank transfers.

Q. Can I register a domain name through MAG Services?

Ans. Yes. We have a domain registration service where you can get your own domain registered without any additional trouble.

Q. Can I subdivide my space and resell it?
Ans. Yes. There are some hosting plans for it. You would need to buy specific plan for your desire. Not all hosting will provide this function.

Q. Can I transfer a domain name registered someplace else to MAG Services domain registration service?
Ans. Yes. There are no restrictions once you paid the amount of the registered domain.


Q. Can I upgrade my MAG Services Shared Hosting account to a Dedicated Server?
Ans. Yes. Upgrading may take few days or weeks but this is not miserable for client because we will handle everything but you will need to give your time and handling fees.


Q. Do I have to keep my website with you forever, or can I move it to another supplier to host it if I wish?
Ans. There is no restriction but it is recommended to keep your website to the same hosting to maintain the results on search engines.

Q. Do I need a database on my website?
Ans. It depends on a kind of a website.

Q. Do I need to install any software?
Ans. No, we will handle everything.

Q. Do I get a discount if I buy more than one service?
Ans. You can check out latest discounts for this. There could be some timely offers for discounts.

Q. Do you display any banners or pop-up ads on my website?
Ans. No.

Q. Do you guarantee that my site will always be available?
Ans. As long as you follow the rules of the hosting plans you have chosen, your hosting will not be down.

Q. Do We offer Windows based hosting?
Ans. Yes.

Q. Do you redesign existing websites?
Ans. Yes. There are plans for it.

Q. Do you use Flash animation in your website design?
Ans. It is upon the plan you have chosen for your website.

Q. Does MAG Services have a "Control Panel" or some other utility to manage my website?
Ans. Yes.

Q. How can I accept credit cards on my site? Or how can I accept credit cards on my website?
Ans. You will need to buy payment gateway for it.

Q. How can my website content be updated regularly?
Ans. You will need to take a service of website maintenance. This will help you to keep your website updated regularly.

Q. How are translations handled? Or How are challenges handled?
Ans. Translations works are ever changing field and there could be different kind of translations according to every client needs. We handle translation works with determination and keep the deadline.

Q. How Can We Get Started?
Ans. All you need to do is to visit the website and find best service for your website or business. You can contact us for any additional details.

Q. How do I check to see if I've been invoiced for a domain renewal?
Ans. You will receive email for every domain renewal and you must keep the deadline to keep your domain available online.

Q. How do I order a domain name?
Ans. You can contact us for it.

Q. How do I update my website?
Ans. You will need to take website maintenance service for it.

Q. How long does it take before my domain name is active?
Ans. It takes one day to activate the domain name and in some rare cases, it might take 2-3 days. Your domain will not be activated if there are some unclear funds left.

Q. How long does it take for DNS to update?
Ans. Depends on the website popularity.

Q. How long does it take for my Web site to be listed by a search engine?
Ans. Depends on the website popularity and seo rankings.

Q. How long does it take to get my server set up?
Ans. It depends on the project.

Q. How long will it take for my web site to be designed?
Ans. Generally the website can be designed within a week but it depends on the type of website you are expecting.

Q. How many days it will take to develop my website?
Ans. Depends on a project and work of your website.

Q. How many pages can I have on my web site?
Ans. It depends on your needs and desire. You can get a website designed according to your need.

Q. How much does additional bandwidth cost?
Ans. You will need to switch the plan for it.

Q. How much will a website cost me?

Ans. If you are going to create simplest website than it can cost you low and animation of flash websites can cost high. You can check out website development plans for it.

Q. I already have a website and I need it updating, can you help me?
Ans. We have website re development service for those who are looking to redevelop the website otherwise you can use website maintenance service for maintaining, updating or handling your website.

Q. I hear that there are hidden costs associated with web design services. Is this true?
Ans. You will need to read the website plan and there are no hidden costs if you have red the plans.

Q. I run a small/medium size business and want an online presence to promote my business in a professional manner to new customers and to provide a more professional image to existing customers. What do I need to achieve this?
Ans. You can choose SEO plans and some modification plans to achieve this success in your business. Although it is not a quick process, yet it is trustworthy service that will give your website high search engine rankings.

Q. If I choose a CMS System 0r Content Management System - can I be sure that my web pages are "Search Engine Friendly"?

Q. If I use your web hosting & email facilities can you provide Spam filtering services?

Q. In what format should I supply words and photographs about my business for my new website?
Ans. PSD, CDR or illustrator. High quality images could be of any format.

Q. Is there a fee to upgrade from one reseller hosting plan or one discount level to the next?
Ans. There is no fee for upgrading but you will need to pay handling fee for setup.

Q. Once my website design is completed can you provide web hosting?
Ans. Yes.

Q. Once my website design is completed -what after sales service do you offer?
Ans. You can check out MAG Services. We have a bunch of services for your business needs.

Q. What do you do in web maintenance?
Ans. We handle your website or update it according to the plan you have bought.

Q. What is Animation service?
Ans. It is a kind of website designing.

Q. What is Article Writing service?
Ans. Article writing is a service that can be used for business articles, product or service reviews or about articles and many more purposes.

Q. What is Bulk SMS Solution service?
Ans. Bulk SMS Solution service allows business owner to promote or introduce the service or product thru text massages.

Q. What is Business Hosting service?
Ans. Business Hosting service allows you to host your website on hosting that can handle high traffic.

Q. What is CMS Hosting service?
Ans. CMS Hosting is a kind of hosting that has been modified for the CMS Requirements.

Q. What is CMS service?
Ans. CMS is Content Management System that allows you to create different script based websites according to your need.

Q. What is Content Optimization service?
Ans. This is a kind of SEO which is specially modified for the content of your website to get best results.

Q. What is Content Solution service?
Ans. Content solution service is for translation, writing and other short writing service.

Q. What is Content Writing service?
Ans. In this service, we provide you the best solution of writing for your business and personal documents and others.

Q. What is Copy Writing service?
Ans. Copy writing service allows you to get quotation writing for your website.

Q. What is CSS Template service?
Ans. CSS template service is perfect for all the websites and we modify the CSS according to your need in this template.

Q. What is Dedicated Server service?
Ans. This service is basically for high bandwidth and DB demanding websites.

Q. What is Designing Solution service?
Ans. In this service, we design your website according to your needs.

Q. What is Domain Panel service?
Ans. Domain panel helps in handling and domain setting.

Q. What is Domain Pricing service?
Ans. Here you will know the prices of the domains.

Q. What is Domain Registration service?
Ans. You will get ease to register your domain with just one mail.

Q. What is Domain Solution service?
Ans. Domain solution holds domain panel, domain pricing and buying.

Q. What is Dynamic Website service?
Ans. Dynamic website is just a simple website that holds extra functions for advanced users.

Q. What is E-Commerce service? or What is E-commerce?
Ans. E-Commerce service is specially for shopping and advanced functions based selling and buying websites.

Q. What is editing service?
Ans. This is a contextual service which allows you to get the best editing service for your website.

Q. What is Email Hosting service?
Ans. Email Hosting Service is for business and promotional email marketing and other purposes.

Q. What is Email Marketing service?
Ans. It allows you to publicize your business thru email newsletters to numerous peoples.

Q. What is Flash + Dynamic Website service?
Ans. It is extra professional website type which looks different than others.

Q. What is Flash Template service?
Ans. Flash template service is for the websites that are looking for attractive and clean templates for their websites.

Q. What is Flash Website service?
Ans. Flash websites holds flash elements in the website that makes your website more presentable.

Q. What is Hosting Solution service?
Ans. Hosting Solution service is for websites that needs to be hosted.

Q. What is Image Optimization service?
Ans. Image Optimization service is for image based website SEO.

Q. What is Java Script Template service?
Ans. Java Script Templates are for advanced templates features and exciting look.

Q. What is Joomla Hosting service?
Ans. Joomla Hosting service is specially modified for hosting Joomla based website.

Q. What is Link Building service?
Ans. This is a part of SEO.

Q. What is Logo Designing service?
Ans. Logo designing service allows you to get a perfect identity of your business.

Q. What is Management Solution service?
Ans. This service allows you to keep your website updated regularly and we will help you to handle your website and to undertake all the problems related to the website.

Q. What is Off Page Optimization service?
Ans. It is a part of SEO.

Q. What is On Page Optimization service?
Ans. This is a kind of SEO that works for your website modification according to search engines rankings.

Q. What is PPC Advertising service?
Ans. This service allows pay per click advertising thru our company in modified rates.

Q. What is Proof Reading service?
Ans. We proof read the contextual data of your business and others. We ensure you for the best result.

Q. What is Re Writing service?
Ans. Re Writing service is for the already written articles or contextual data re writing in different manner of in better way.

Q. What is Register Domain service?
Ans. It allows you to register your domain thru MAG Services.

Q. What is Reseller Hosting service?
Ans. Reseller hosting service is especially for those who want to divide their space for selling purposes.

Q. What is Search Engine Optimization service?
Ans. Search Engine Optimization service is for increasing website values and rankings on the search engines. It is used for better search engine results visibility.

Q. What is Shared Hosting service?
Ans. Shared hosting service is for general website hosting purposes.

Q. What is Slogan Writing service?
Ans. Slogan writing service is for website logo under quotation and other places quotation.

Q. What is SMS Marketing service?
Ans. SMS Marketing service is used for promotion and marketing of a business, service or product.

Q. What is Social Sites Optimization service?
Ans. Social media Optimization service is for increasing the visibility of your social profiles in website and search engines.

Q. What is Static Website service?
Ans. Static website is simple website for business related purposes.

Q. What is subtitling service?
Ans. Subtitling service is for video subtitling from language to language.

Q. What is Template Designing service?
Ans. Template Designing service helps you get the template design according to your needs and requirements.

Q. What is the difference in MAG Services and other web services providers?
Ans. We have a reliable client base all over the world and we are giving most flexible services and we ensure you to get best result in the deadline period.

Q. What is Translation service?
Ans. In translation service, we provide language translation for all types of content.

Q. What is Transcription service?
Ans. This service allows you to get the written text from either live or recorded media.

Q. What is Video Optimization service?
Ans. Video Optimization service is especially for video based websites or website/ business official videos. It increases the video views.

Q. What is VPS Hosting service?
Ans. Virtual private server hosting is a separate space of hosting for business websites and high traffic websites.

Q. What is web development? Or What is Website Development service?
Ans. Web development is a development service that allows you to get your website developed in many coding language.

Q. What is Word press Hosting service?
Ans. Word press Hosting service is to host the wordpress based website because this hosting has been modified according to the script needs.

Q. When can I update my website content?
Ans. If you have knowledge of website handling and C-Panel then you have a freedom to update your website whenever you want but it is recommended to take our website maintenance service if you have less knowledge about it.

Q. When I register a domain name, who will have ownership of it?
Ans. After payment clearances, the domain would be all yours and you are free to handle it in the way you want.

Q. Who owns the website once the website design is completed?
Ans. After completing the work and payments, website would be yours.

Q. Will everyone see my web site the same?
Ans. Yes. Your website would be visible for all the visitors internationally.

Q. Will I be able to manage my server through a Web-based control panel?
Ans. Yes. You would be able according to your hosting plans.

Q. Will I find my website on the search engines?
Ans. Yes. Generally search engines do it automatically but if you are facing any problem in search engine findings, you can contact us and we will submit your website in all the famous search engines of the world in minimal charging.

Q. Will my clients' site share my sites features and control panel? (Reseller Hosting Plans)
Ans. It depends on the freedom you give to your client.

Q. Will my website design be" Search Engine" friendly?
Ans. Yes. Definitely it will be if you get it specially designed the template from us.

Q. Why should I choose MAG Services for my web development company?
Ans. We are offering most flexible plans with reliable development service. and most important thing, we will keep your deadline safe.

Q. Why take Animation service from MAG Services?
Ans. We are giving flexible and compatible website Animation service that will blend in your website and will give a firm look to it.

Q. What makes MAG Services unique?
Ans. The deadline keeping and the quality work delivery even before the deadline is the most exciting part which makes MAG Services unique and different than other companies. So many clients are trusting on our service so, you can trust us. And we will give you our best for each project we undertake.

Q. What services do you provide?
Ans. We provide the services of Website Development, Website Designing, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Search Engine Optimization, Content Solution and Website Maintenance.

Q. Why take Article Writing service from MAG Services?
Ans. We will give you best and quality checked article that would be suitable for your purposes.

Q. Why take Bulk SMS Solution service from MAG Services?
Ans. We are allowing freedom of sending sms everywhere in your limit and we have flexible plans for our clients.

Q. Why take Business Hosting service from MAG Services?
Ans. If you are hosting your website that leads your business than your hosting should be reliable and affordable, we are offering both points in our services.

Q. Why take CMS Hosting service from MAG Services?
Ans. We have modified the hosting packages according to CMS needs so that you would face no problems related to your website.

Q. Why take Content Solution service from MAG Services? Or Why take Content Writing service from MAG Services?
Ans. Content writing or content management service is the most unique part where we concentrate the most and we take care of every single project that we undertake and you will get proof readed, edited and well written content according to your need.

Q. Why take CSS Template service from MAG Services?
Ans. We will give you best according to your needs in your budget.

Q. Why take Dedicated Server service from MAG Services?
Ans. MAG Services is the most reliable place to take this service.

Q. Why take Designing Solution service from MAG Services?
Ans. We have a team of creative designers that will give you more than you are expecting.

Q. Why take Dynamic Website service from MAG Services?
Ans. We will create a best dynamic website according to your desire.

Q. Why take Hosting Solution service from MAG Services?
Ans. We are giving you the hosting solution so that you can get perfect place for your website.

Q. Why take Java Script Template service from MAG Services?
Ans. We will give you best featured and latest templates according to the designing and internet trend.

Q. Why take Management Solution service from MAG Services?
Ans. We will take all your worries about website and you would be free of any website related problems because we will handle every website related problems perfectly and immediately.

Q. Why take PPC Solution service from MAG Services?
Ans. MAG Services is providing flexible PPC Solution service that will be best for you to enhance your business.

Q. Why take Proof Reading service from MAG Services?
Ans. We check the proof-read text twice so that you can get purified and mistakes free content.

Q. Why take Re Writing service from MAG Services?
Ans. We have a team of writers that are from different places of the world. So, we will give your project to specific and suitable worker so that you will get 100% valuable content according to your expectations.

Q. Why take Search Engine Optimization service from MAG Services?
Ans. MAG Services is providing many different kind of Optimization service and the plans are basically different according to your needs. There are huge variety and flexibility in our plans so you can choose perfect one for your website to get best result.

Q. Why take Slogan Writing service from MAG Services?
Ans. We are aware of the business words and business trends so we will give you specific and suitable slogan for your purpose.

Q. Why take Static Website service from MAG Services?
Ans. We have professional and cost effective Static Website Service for every business owner to represent the business without any additional worries and problems.

Q.Why take Subtitling service from MAG Services?
Ans. We will give you well handled and well spoken words in subtitling. The words would be according to your desire to explain the specific culture of something else.

Q.Why take Transcription service from MAG Services?
Ans. Quick delivery and no complaints issues has always been a quality of MAG Services. Thus, we ensure you for the best result in Transcription service.

Q.Why take Translation Service from MAG Services?

Ans. We will give you translation service that would be translated not only grammatically perfect but also logically. There could be some differences but the text would be presentable and perfectly in the language native manner.

There are many more opportunities that are specially modified for you! There are still more that you can avail.